Mike's Journal of Semi-Boring Events

My life in the Pop-O-Matic Bubble

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Not much to tell. City slicker, dough fed, New Jersey cat who lived on 2.6 acres of undeveloped land in the middle of the Florida stix. And am now back up in Jersey.

I am an infernal tinkerer, and frequently have my eye turned up towards the sky to make sure nothing drops itself on me.

I live with my Wife and her 4 children, 3 of which are girls. They all drive me somewhat insane, but at least life isn't boring.

From time to time I write stories, shitty poetry, or document experiments I have going on to try and impress the one reader whose opinion I truely care about. ME!

If that seems somewhat interesting to you then check out my journal and comment on it, if not, then what the hell are you doing reading this to begin with?